Scouting Legacy: Kenneth W Jeffries Sr.

Kenneth W Jeffries Sr. was a 1960 graduate of UHS. He was involved with the marching band in the brass section, boy scouts and just an average kid growing up in the East End of town. After graduating he went to the Air Force where he was stationed in Hawaii. While there he lead a Boy Scout troop for the time he was there which lasted about a year. When he got discharged he started his life with getting married to Benita Jane Hixson in 1968 and then soon having his three sons, Kenneth Jr., Paul, and Keith. He got a job at Mennallen Elementary School where he would then soon work their for 28 years before retiring in early 2006. In the early 70’s Kenneth became the Assistant Scoutmaster and then the Cub master in 1975 for pack 608.

When he was leader he influenced many scouts over the years he was involved. During his time, he lead them to show respect, kindness, how to camp and to survive for themselves. When his oldest son, Kenneth Jr. joined, Benita also joined as a Den leader. Then later so did his other two sons joined as well and later both became Eagle Scouts. He would do popcorn sales, food drives, go camping with scouts, made favors for the patients in the hospital around the holidays. and provided all the scouts with their Pine wood derby cars every year as a troop gift. He loved scouting and so did his sons. In 2004 he received the highest award a scout leader can get, the Silver Beaver Award. At the scout camp Conestoga, he was a member of the Order of the Arrow,It shows how much he had done for the scouting community.

Kenneth didn’t stop scouting and nothing was going to stop him until tragedy struck. On September 10th 2012, Kenneth passed away at the age of 69 of pneumonia leaving behind 37 years of leading. Soon after his death his legacy didn’t end since his youngest son Keith became the new Cubmaster. He was the Cub master for six years before taking over as Scoutmaster in 2016. His son Kenneth Jr. is now the cub master for 608. Now today his legacy is influencing a younger generation with grandsons Jesse and Jack Jeffries. Jesse is a life scout, who is involved with the Order of the Arrow and Brotherhood at scout camp. He is planning on doing his eagle scout project soon while Jack is a second class hoping to make it to first soon. His two granddaughters Nina and Anna Jeffries are also involved in scouting as Girl Scouts. Nina is an Ambassador which is the highest level and planning on getting her gold award while Anna is a junior scout. He may have left but legacy shall remain unforgettable.

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