Second Win For UCC

*group huddle before the meet with Both coach’s *

On September 3rd the Uniontown cross country team ran against Wanynesburg. We were very happy as to both our boys and girls team won. With the boys taking the top 7 places, they won with a score 15-50 (low score wins), and the girls take top 4 places. Out of the top 8 runners, 7 were Uniontown runners. The girls won with a total 17-44.

We asked Sam Jubin for a comment on the meet and this is what he had to say, “We heard their top runners talking about staying with our top runners, after that we decided mercy wasn’t a option; easy money”-Sam Jubin.

On Tuesday September 10th, the team heads to Connellsville for their first section meet of the year. We wish them good luck and hope they come out with a victory.

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