Senior Class Trip

In past years, many senior classes have not been able to take a Senior class trip because of lack of funding. This year the senior class plans to take a trip during the end of the year. The senior trip is planned for Kings Dominion in Virginia on May 29th, 2020.

The seniors will be departing from the school early on May 29th, at roughly 4 a.m. and will travel four and a half hours (187 miles). This trip will be a one day trip, the students will arrive around the time of opening and stay until closing. The seniors will hopefully have a fun filled day and will be staying at the park until closing.

This trip and other events like Prom will be costly, so the senior classes will be holding plenty of fund raisers. They recently held a Mum fundraiser to help benefit this trip. Other fundraisers that are being planned are a Sarris candy fundraiser, a pie fundraiser in the spring, and many more. I as a senior am very excited for this trip and all of the seniors want to say a big thank you to our class sponsors.

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