Senior Picture Ideas

Ohiopyle has some great photo opportunities with the nature alone. These spots also make great senior pictures too, or just any photo shoot. The main falls has a lot of rocky areas by the water that are beautiful picture spots. The high bridge is a nice spot that’s easy to get to. Cucumber Falls is another spot that’s easy to get to, you can drive right to the falls. These falls you can actually go behind the falls and get cool pictures like that. There are other places in Ohiopyle that are great photo spots, but these are the main spots you could try.

Somethings we see every day and wouldn’t even realize they are good photo spots. Train tracks are nice for a different kind of picture. You can find train tracks everywhere so its easy too. A simple bench in a park or city would be a nice picture too. A flower garden is a great spot, the flowers make a pretty background. Simple things we see everyday can make good place for pictures and we don’t even realize it.

Some of the best pictures for seniors is showing off what they like to do, like a sport. For example a softball player could take pictures on the field but have a nice outfit instead. They could even take pictures next to their jersey. If someone plays soccer, they could take pictures next to the goal in a nice outfit too. If someone is really into art, they could take pictures by plain canvases as a nice background. For seniors, showing off what they like to do, is good to see in their pictures.

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