Senior Project: Emilee Harvilla

Emilee Harvilla, who graduated from Uniontown in 2016 talked to tomahawk about her senior project. She first started to get her ideas when she was only in seventh grade. When Emilee entered freshmen year in high school she put her ideas into motion. She wanted to do her senior project based on the needs of others and helping lives in her community, Emilee wanted to do her self-created projects. When the time came for Emilee to present her senior project she had over 250 hours of community service and she hosted over ten different events over the course of her four years in high school.

Some self-created projects Emilee discussed with tomahawk was her Princess Project,  where she collected prom dresses for girls who couldn’t afford them. She also had a project called Hoodies for The Holidays, where she collected winter coats, hoodies, gloves, etc, for people who couldn’t afford them. During the course of her self- created projects, one project Emilee did means the most to her and that project was Pull Tabs for Chloe. Chloe is her mother, Lisa, god-daughter. Chloe is now three years old and is here because of children’s hospital. Emilee collected money for Chloe’s parents who stayed at the Ronald McDonald House Charities while Chloe stayed in the hospital.

Tomahawk asked Emilee if she had any advice for the underclassmen? Emilee’s response was ” Your senior project shouldn’t be something you do the last minute to get it over with, but that you do something that can help make a difference. Help others, and better yourself. It’s important to realize even the smallest thing you do to help someone could be the big difference.” Emilee worked multiple sclerosis benefits and helped raised thousands of dollars.

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