Senior Project Showcase – River McCarty – Hostetter Boarding Farm

River McCarty-Cameron worked at a boarding farm for horses. The boarding farm trained and stabled any breed of horse. River also worked with Emily Hostetter who has her own boarding farm names Hostetter Horsmanship. She cleaned stalls, water buckets and fed them. Emily showed her how to lunge horses and properly care for them. River Also how to properly clean out horse brushes and horse feet and when to put blankets on the horses in the winter. At the boarding from their was a horse there named Selah who was beaten before and Emily showed River ways to calm her down. Emily and River rubbed the whip all over the horses body until she won’t scared anymore. River also leaned how to properly train horses, and River leaned how to put up a electric fence. River is a mother of 2 horses herself. She has another on it’s way. River leaned all kind of valuable things at Hosteller Boarding Farm. River passed her senior project with a 100%

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