Senior Project: Job Shadowing the Athletic Trainer

For my senior project I am job shadowing the athletic trainer. So far it is going very well, I am doing the Fall sports but mostly Football. There’s only one more week of the Football season left so sadly my Job Shadowing is slowly coming to an end.  Being an athletic trainer is a lot more work than I expected it to be.  A typical day is filled with all types of activities that include getting the water out for the athletes, filling up ice chests with ice for any possible injuries that may happen that day, and many other things that will no doubt keep you busy.

By far Fridays are the busiest days out of the week.  A typical Friday for me starts with heading down to the trainers room after school ends.  After that i clean and put away coolers that we used that week and get out the three coolers that we will need for game night.  Once I do that I have a little bit of free time but that is short-lived due to the amount of football players that come in to get wrapped for the game. Because I’m a student helper I am only allowed to wrap wrists but I try to help as much as I can. After we get all the athletes wrapped for the game it is then time to set up the field for the game so we take the three coolers that we made for the game (two coolers of water and one cooler of Gatorade) as well as cups and bottles for the athletes to drink out of.  We also take an Ice Chest, two med-kits, a crutch bag, a splint bag, and a table for injured players to sit on while they get evaluated.

Once we get set up my job is to make sure the players are well hydrated and to check on them to see if they need any Gatorade or a towel to wipe off or anything of that nature.  When an injury occurs during the game I run out on to the field with the trainer and observe as she evaluates the player.  Once she determines the type of injury that has happened I then have to go get the necessary items to asses the injury.  This can be anything from a bag of ice to notifying the ambulance to bring out the stretcher.  That’s basically what I do throughout the whole game and once the game is over I dump all the coolers and bottles out and we take everything back into the trainers room and put it away.  Being an athletic trainer is a very demanding job and hopefully it is a job that I will have one day, who knows I may even come back and work at my own school. Regardless of where I go or what I do I will always be a Red Raider at heart. Go Raiders!

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