Senior Project Requirements

Attention juniors. As you all know, next year as graduation requirement, you must do a senior project. You should’ve wrote a letter of intent in your English class, stating what you plan on your project being and how you plan on doing it. A senior project is a graduation requirement, consisting of 50 volunteer hours.

If you have not started your project and volunteer hours yet, or if you aren’t attending a camp, you should start getting your hours now. If you have not turned your letter of intent in before the deadline, it will result in a 10% grade reduction. You need to complete your project and pass the presentation in order to graduate.

As some of you freshmen might not know, a senior project is a mandatory graduation requirement. For example, my senior project is to attend a wildlife conservation camp in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, to study the conservation of a specific specimen of fish. Some of my friends, Josh McLaughlin and Bridger Cameron, are coaching a youth soccer team in the mountains. On our school website, there is a list of possible senior project ideas. However, you do not have to pick something from this list. You can turn plenty of things into a senior project. For more information, contact Mrs. Baker in the library, or click here to go the the school’s website to find out more for your senior project.

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