Senior Project: Sadie Huhn

A Uniontown Area High School senior, Sadie Huhn, has recently presented her senior project. In order to graduate from UAHS, the seniors must complete a project showing an example of how they give back to their community. Sadie volunteered at Adah VFD participating in activites like hosting the Fayette County Convention, selling hoagies, and working the Cash Bash with Pal’s Club. Another aspect of Sadie’s project was gathering donations for the building fund.

Sadie began her volunteer hours on October 11, 2014 and completed her time on November 11, 2017. She chose to volunteer at Adah VFD because it has been a part of her family since she was born. When asked what lesson she took away from this experience she answered, “I learned that it takes a special kind of person to run into a burning building when everyone else is running out. I also learned it takes a community to help support local fire departments because without the community we would not have them.”

Completing a senior project helps the students learn more about their community and its foundations. Giving back is an important role in your town, without people to help there wouldn’t be a successful environment. Next time you have the chance, go to your local VFD, animal shelter, or hospital and offer an extra helping hand.

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