Senior Project Showcase: Daniel Myers

Senior year means senior projects that everyone is required to do. A senior project is a project that challenges high school seniors to demonstrate their academic knowledge in an experiential way. Each student does a different project based on what they plan on pursuing as a future career.

We interviewed Daniel Myers on his senior project that he is to present at the beginning of December. Daniel Myers (Age 18) is a senior at Uniontown Area High School. For his senior project, he chose to do volunteer work with special needs kids. Daniel has been involved with working with special needs sports because his brother, Jacob, who has autism. He states that his favorite part was making every child feel included and to make their athletic dreams come true. When asked what he took away from his senior project, Daniel said, “That everyone, no matter if they have a disability or not, deserves to be able to follow their dreams and be given an equal opportunity to achieve their own level of success.

Students tend to put off senior projects until last minute and choose something that will be easy to do. When this was addressed, Daniel suggests that you pick a senior project that is meaningful to you and that you will remember.

There’s a lot to take into account when choosing a senior project. Make sure you choose something meaningful like Daniel did. Also, make sure you choose something that you can finish knowing more than you did when you started it.

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