Senior Project Showcase: Haegon Powell

Tomahawk Talk had time to sit down with Haegon Powell to talk about her senior project and the steps she’s going to take to accomplish her goals. For her senior project she job shadowed a dental hygienist over the summer. To complete this project she is required to have 50 hours. Most of this project is observing because she doesn’t have the schooling and isn’t licensed to do work in the profession.

When asked why she chose her project she responded by saying,”Because when I graduate I want to go to dental school to be a dental hygienist and this project will give me the chance to experience it and get more knowledge before hand. Doing research I know they clean your teeth, examine patients for oral diseases, provide dental care, and educate you on ways to improve and maintain good oral health.” However she would really want to see how its done by being there and not researching it on the internet.

We then asked if/why this project is important to her, she responded,” Yes extremely, because it can be what I’m doing with my life within the next 5 years. I know job shadowing will benefit me because I could sit in a desk or at home all day and learn about it online but I wouldn’t have the experience, time, or opportunity this project will give me.”


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