Senior Project Showcase: Matt Zsiros MOLE Project

Matt Zsiros was busy over the summer helping out with the MOLE project at Menallen Elementary school.  MOLE stands for Menallen Outdoor Learning Center.  Matt has worked on the project since its inception.  It took him about fifty hours to complete.  He said that it wasn’t just about his senior project but he wanted to help someone who needed an extra hand to get the work done.  His family helped by providing $175 to purchase supplies.  Several family members including his father Damian Zsiros and his brother Nathan, also helped with the manual labor.  Master Gardener, Louise Geary, from Penn State Fayette was there to provide their expertise and assistance as well.  The extra space will be used for an educational landscape. Matt said this gave him an opportunity to learn something new that one day he will be able to do landscaping in the future because he already knows how.  “I  did it before and can do it again!”

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