Senior Project Showcase: Shayna Mitchell “All Work and All Play?”

Shayna Mitchell, a junior, has been working on her Senior Project to become an Early Intervention Service Coordinator. She will be making the appointments to meet the families, as well as with their children’s therapist.

Shayna attended a meeting where people with intellectual disabilities had early intervention services like speech and physical therapy when they were babies. She explained that they talked about how much the services helped them for their adult life.

Shayna went to see a baby that has Cochlear implants to help him hear. They were visited by the child’s Physical Therapist, Mel. Shayna learned that, while doing physical therapy to children, that it appears as they are playing rather than working in their minds. Shayna explained that Mel had small colored toys and uneven/off centered step blocks to help with balance and more articulated movements. Later that same week, she went to see a baby be evaluated for speech services. Shayna observed a speech therapist try an have a 23 month old baby boy say some small words such as up, boom, and other words.

Recently, Shayna had gone to see a new born baby with Cardiac issues. She gave a comment about the visitation:
“I love babies and young toddlers, something that I’m well known for. However, seeing this new born with Cardiac issues just pulled at my heart strings.”

Shayna explained that, despite his medical troubles, he’s been eating and sleeping well, seemingly living a normal and healthy life. The new born is going to see a cardiologists to determine what kind of medication he can take that wouldn’t effect his cardiac issues. Shayna also explained what was wrong with the new born’s heart. She said:
“The new born had two working flaps instead of three, he had one or two holes, something wrong with one artery, and the left side of his heart was bigger than the right. Sadly, he has to live with that for possibly his entire life. But some good news, he’s been off oxygen for a while.”

Thankfully many people do Early Intervention, and it’s so nice to know that they are there to help make young children’s lives better as they grow.


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