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If you are a student who has not become a Senior yet in Uniontown High School you may have thought to yourself “I wonder what it is like to be a Senior”. We have decided to survey a few Seniors to answer this question for you thoroughly. Out of all the students taking the survey, 75% stated that Junior year was the hardest while the other 25% said that Sophomore year was the hardest. One question we asked our Seniors was “Do you believe Uniontown High School has prepared you for a better life after graduation? If so, how?” Hannah Layton’s response was”I believe so because our grading system is different, schedules are different, and also the courses are designed for us personally.” Other students even stated that it helped them improve academically.

We asked “As a Senior, how would you describe your overall high school experience leading up to this point?” Most students agreed that they believed it was fun and challenging while a few stated that it was very underwhelming. Some examples of activities at Uniontown High School that have brought students together and created inseparable friendships are band, football, and AP U.S. History according to the results of the survey.

One of the most important questions we have asked the Seniors was “If any, what plans do you have for after high school?” One student who asked to remain anonymous stated that they plan to go to college and get a good job. Some weren’t sure of what they wanted to do quite yet. Hopefully after putting yourself into the mind of a Senior, you got a sense of what it may be like for you.

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