Senior Spotlight: Abby White

Activities: NHS, Marching Band, Academic League, Math Team, Spanish Club, Student Forum, SADD

Future Plans: Attend PSU majoring in Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences to be a large animal veterinarian

Fun Fact: I strongly dislike online learning.

Favorite quote: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”- my man Abe Lincoln

Advice to ‘21: Apply to colleges ASAP- you’ll get more scholarships from your college.

Thoughts on Senior year ending so abrubtly: It had to happen to keep people safe. I just wish I could take my final walk around the school and say goodbye to all of my teachers.

Shout Outs & Thank Yous: I’m very grateful for all of the staff at UHS for all of their true dedication to their students, but I’d especially like to thank Mrs. Grimm for pushing me to be my best self, Mr. Wilson for being so caring and willing to help, and Mr. Scott for never letting me become a bleacher creature. Also shout out to Emily for being my best friend for twelve years- good luck at Cal! Thank you for everything, Uniontown. I’ll remember you when I’m famous. 😎


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