Senior Spotlight: Colby Voyten

Activities: Soccer – 1 year lettered, Track and field – 1 year lettered, Swimming – 2 years lettered in both and captain for 1, Class officer – 2 years

Future Plans: Attending college for dental

Fun Fact About Yourself:When I was younger I wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force.

Favorite Quote: “You only pass through this life once, you don’t come back for an encore” – Elvis Presley

Thoughts on your social distanced senior year: It was very strange and not at all how I planned on having my senior year but it’s what had to happen. There’s still a life full of adventures and memories ahead of us though.

Advice to upcoming Seniors: Make the most out of your last year no matter what happens.

Shout Outs & Thank You’s: I want to first thank my parents for being by my side through everything and supporting everything I do. Next I want to thank my swim coach, Bill, for pushing me to be my best and believing in me even at times when i didn’t believe in myself. Lastly I want to thank all the friends I’ve ever had throughout high school for some of the greatest memories ever that I will never forget and for making these past four years the best years of my life.


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