Seniors are You Excited to Graduate?

Here at Uniontown Area High School we are close to completing our first semester. This means seniors are only two nine weeks away, and one step closer to graduating. We are now in the year of the “Class of 2020.” We caught up with some of the seniors here and asked if they were excited to be so close to closing this chapter of their life, or if they were a little more on the nervous side and why.

Emily Parker

Emily Parker replied with “I am more excited because this is what we’ve been moving towards for the past 12 years.”

Bryce Anderson

Bryce Anderson replied with “I’m nervous to start at a new school but I’m excited to make new friends.”

Shayna Mitchell

Shayna Mitchell replied with “Excited? Absolutely. I’m growing and maturing and working on getting my degree in social work. I can finally follow my dreams on helping disabled children from birth to toddlers. I’m also nervous. I’ll be on my own making ‘big girl decisions’ and not getting reassurance from my parents. I’ll be worried about making more friends. In all, I’m honestly both. I’ll miss my old friends and teachers, knowing that I’ll still be in contact with everyone.”

Tj Alvarez

Tj Alvarez replied with “Neither to be honest, It’s cool and all , and I do want to graduate but it’s just not a big deal to me, like, its nothing special.”

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