Seven Springs Ski sesort

Hundreds of skiers and snowboarders every year come to seven springs resort for a weekend away. Seven Springs has a lot of slopes and a ski park where guests can have fun and hangout with friends and family. There really isn’t another ski resort around that compares to Seven Springs.

For a season pass up there price can range from $400 to $615 depending on your age. This means if you plan to go at least 7 times it is worth to get the season pass because day passes are $71. There is rumor going around that the ski season might get cancelled due to covid. It is unsure what if the season pass will be refundable if Tom Wolf decides to shut things down. This season Seven Springs says it will be mandating Pennsylvania department of health rules of social distancing and disinfecting.

We contacted Seven Springs to find out their plans for social distancing and the new guidelines from the Governor. They indicated that this season you really can’t go into the lodge unless necessary and that there is going to be a limited number of people allowed in at a time. They are opening slopes up this Saturday, December 12 but not to season pass holders every guest will have to pay full price.

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