Side Line vs. All Star Cheerleading

Bella Dolfi is the JV cheerleading captain here at Uniontown high school. She is also a level 4 All-star cheerleader for Rain Athletics. She has been cheering for six years. There are many differences between the two, that you may not know. Side line cheer is vocal cheerleading for a sport. All-star cheerleading is physical activity for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Side line cheer is where you cheer for a school and their sports. You learn various chants and dances that go with your school colors, themes, or mascots. You tumble, jump, and stunt once and while. There are no divisions or rules for number of athletes you have. Your job on the side line is to get the crowd more involved and motivate the team. 

In Allstar cheer you have a routine that you compete in at events all around the country. You are constantly tumbling, jumping, and stunting. You have to be mentally and physically ready for this sport. Allstar is more demanding and you practice more. Rhinestones and big bows are a must, which makes it financially more expensive. 

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