Speaking Up Can Make A Difference

Everyone is familiar with the nationwide topic of bullying, but what they don’t realize is how much just one comment can truly tear into ones personal and social life.  Bullying is being addressed all around the United States, the problem however, is that it keeps getting worse.

Kids of all ages are bullied for a multitude of reasons. Some may not fit in with the “cool” group of kids, others may not have the same interests as others making them an “outcast” among others. Some may disagree with ones viewpoints and get ridiculed for it, others get picked on due to the fact that they may have a disability.  Whatever the reason is that kids of all ages get bullied for, they can’t escape from the pain that it brings them.

Some children feel as if they have no way out and die at a very young age due to suicide because of bullying.  Many cloe to them would have ever have guessed that they would do such a thing, only because they are afraid to speak up and consult the help of an adult to fix it.

There are too many people out in the world today that fall subject to bullying, and little is being done to stop it.  There are different ways to try and prevent it.

One of the most popular anti-bullying organizations out there today is stompoutbullying.org.  This website is designed to help anyone who is being bullied in the world, providing a place to find a coping method with what is happening to them inside of school.

Many kids who fall subject to bullying are afraid to speak up and tell someone what is happening to them, which inevitably leads to the situation getting worse for them.  Other kids are afraid to speak up and tell someone simply because they are afraid that it may make them “weak” which may give the bully another reason to cause trouble.

What they do not realize is that speaking up is the best thing to do about the situation.  By speaking up, the kids are  not only fixing the situation, they are standing up for themselves.  Other kids can help by speaking up to a teacher about a bullying incident they see inside of school.  It may seem like speaking up about the situation doesn’t really do anything big, but that’s where everyone gets it wrong.  By speaking up, the kid who is being bullied can be a hero to himself.  By other kids speaking up, they can be a hero to the kid(s) that are being bullied.

There are too many kids that are being bullied, not just locally, but nationwide.  The sad fact about it is that it’s only getting worse.  If you see someone being bullied, do the right thing and speak up.  If you yourself are being bullied, take action and speak up.  There is help out there to fix the hardships that one goes through, it’s up to you to take action.

Stand up, speak out.

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