Stand Up & Choose Tour Comes to UHS

On May 7th the Stand Up and Choose Tour will be making a stop at Uniontown Senior High School. So what is the Stand Up and Choose Tour? It’s “an interactive, multi-media experience” that “inspires middle and high school students to StandUP and lead by making positive choices” The program is founded and hosted by Mary Dreliszak, an who is a speaker, author and cable television host of “People Who Inspire.”

“Serving as the host in both productions, Mary engages students and gives an empowering message on bullying. Joining her are Lauren Gross, a behavioral health professional, speaking on coping and confidence, Daynelle Sanner, chair of the Love Life Foundation in memory of Jarrett Hutton, sharing inspirational art and messages of hope,  Scott Fichter, an educator and an underdog who inspires students to overcome obstacles, Justice Greer and Sarah Schimansky, telling how they gained a healthier perspective of themselves and changed their response to bullying in both presentations, Mary Sampey, courageously sharing the story of her sister’s heroin overdose death, Ethan Keedy, delivering his powerful and personal story of rising above his father’s suicide to make positive choices in his life, Blakeley Herrilko, sharing how the journey to reaching her dreams was stopped by bullying – only that is, until she learned to start loving herself,  and Eric Johnson, serving as a voice of hope to those with no support system. The pastor and retired corrections officer grew up in an inner city neighborhood and knows first-hand the consequences of wrong choices.

Make sure that you’re here for this great opportunity for an uplifting message that could change your whole perspective on school and life!

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