Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Game Review

Fallen order is a open world single player Star Wars game. Where you play as the protagonist Cal Kestis and have his lightsaber and climb many different surfaces and swing from ropes. You can unlock double bladed lightsabers and you can unlock more force power. The story is long enough for you to enjoy and short enough for you to not want to play anymore. The many difficulties are very challenging and also fun.

In the game there are many different planets that you can visit. All with there own enemies and there own animals. They have different puzzles and tricks that help you learn your new powers. And there are different mini bosses in the new worlds and bounty hunters you can defeat that give you extra rewards. And there are different collectibles and you can get more health and force powers in the game.

There is a lot to do after the game ends the story is overall amazing. The main bosses are brilliant. And the different lightsaber colors are beautiful. And there is different hilts and grips for the lightsabers you can get. And after you beat the game you can also become evil and have a red lightsaber.

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