Stephen Curry and The Warriors

If you follow the NBA, you should know that the main focus of the 2016 season has been the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors and their super star Stephen Curry. This team has the chance to break the 95-96 Chicago Bull’s record of 72-10 which stands as the best record in history of the NBA.

The Warriors currently have a record of 51-5 and are on par to breaking the record. The Warriors started the 2016 season off with 24 straight wins. Statistically the Warriors have little over a 40% chance of breaking this record.  At this time in 1996 the Bulls were 50-6 which means the Warriors are ahead of the historic 90’s team by one game. The reason the warriors are on such an historic run is no doubt because of the almost unreal play by NBA MVP Stephen Curry. Of course he isn’t the only reason the team has had so much success. They also have Draymond Greene and Klay Thompson. Green is a multi threat on the court. he can play small forward or even center. Klay is a huge threat behind the 3 point line. He can also get to the basket and score inside with ease. The Warriors have one of the most explosive offenses in the NBA.

Curry is averaging 30.0 points per game which is currently leading the NBA. He is shooting steadily from 3 point range, making 45.5% of the shots hes put up this year. Curry is averaging 6.6 assists per game and is currently 11th in the NBA in this category. the thing Curry is known for is his 3 point shooting. You can see him making shots only a super star can hit in every game. He makes it look so easy and effortless. nobody has ever seen play like this. Questions have even come up on where Curry is rank in best all time 3 point shooters. Many think he is the best that has ever done it. Curry is currently the favorite to win MVP back to back years. One thing about Curry that people seem to adore about him is that he isn’t the quickest or strongest man in the NBA but he still figures out how to make other players look like amateurs on the court. Curry is only 180 pounds and can still get to the rim and finish even on the biggest and strongest men in the NBA. Curry also has unreal ball skills. A well known point guard, Chris Paul has been recognized for his excellence at the defensive end of the court. Curry has made him look foolish on many occasions. He even made Paul fall once from his ball dribbling skills.

Curry and the Warriors are having a very productive record, whether they beat the 95-96 Bulls or not. They’re favored to win it all again this year in the NBA Finals. Do you agree?

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