Stephen Hawking Dies at Age 76

Stephen Hawking was a British physicist and author that was born on January 8th 1942. Mr. Hawking had ALS, otherwise know as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function. He was diagnosed with the disease in 1963 at the age of 21 and a few years later he lost the ability to walk. Shortly after in 1974, he could no longer get out of bed himself.  He is most known for what is known as Hawking Radiation which is blackbody radiation that is predicted to be released by black holes, due to quantum effects near the event horizon. Other than that he has made many other advancements to science. Hawking wrote his first book called “A Brief History of Time” in 1988 along with many others including “The Universe in a Nutshell” (2001) “A Briefer History of Time” (2005) and “The Grand Design” (2010).  Stephen Hawking was an amazing physicist and author but he was an even better man. You will be missed Stephen Hawking, Rest in Peace. (1942-2018)

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  1. We were all very lucky to have lived at the same time as Stephen Hawking–he is our Isaac Newton, our Albert Einstein. The impact of his work and ideas won’t truly be felt until the children of our children are in these same seats talking about black holes and the brief history of time as casually as we talk about Mars or the sun today. This was a very nice tribute to a wonderful thinker.

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