Stores closing in Uniontown

The Uniontown Mall used to be a very popular place. There used to be many nice stores, and places to hangout there, but recently many stores are starting to shut down. The mall is starting to become pretty dull. It’s losing more and more stores every month. Now if you stop by the Uniontown Mall, it looks like a ghost town in there. I’m sure many of kids have had many funny memories there, and it’s really sad seeing it going down hill so fast.

Other businesses such as Golden Corral, and the Pizza Hut that was next to McDonald’s, closed a while ago. Uniontown seems to keep coming up with new hotels though. With all these new hotels business owners are seeing all these people coming in, and it’s a perfect chance for a new business to start up.

Some good news is that they have just finished building Texas Roadhouse. Many students are determined to get a summer job there. So if you have some spare time, stop by Texas Roadhouse, and you might see some familiar faces.

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