Struggle of Doing Work Outside of the Classroom

Students normally dread the work of a typical school day, but now that the classroom experience has been taken away, some students are starting to miss it. Not only do students miss the physical interactions with their peers, they also miss the hands on learning that you can only really fully experience in the classroom setting.
Online learning is extremely difficult. Although contacting teachers with questions is helpful, its not very effective, and asking parents for help usually isn’t an option because they have no idea what it is that students are learning in class, or how to do it. It drags out the learning experience and makes the idea of finishing work less desirable.
Some students also may not have internet access, which makes the completion of school work more difficult to achieve. That, and the fact that learning at home can be very distracting compared to learning at school. Since being at home can be so distracting, some students may not take it seriously. Multiple students, actually, do their work but blow off the learning aspect, therefore, not retaining any information.
Not only is online schooling hard on students, but it can be difficult for parents too. Some parents still have work and its hard for them to find time to assist their children in their learning experience, especially those with younger children whom are in their first few years of schooling. The younger children are the ones most vulnerable to distractions so there is almost no way they would be able to finish their school work on their own. Then, for those parents to take some of their only free time to attempt to get their energetic child to do loads of school work all at once is an absolute drag and takes away from the value learning should always have.
Overall, the current system of learning at home can be very stressful for both parents and students and discourage students from doing their work and taking it seriously. Not having the classroom setting to keep us focused, as well as teachers to help us whenever is needed, is negatively impacting the learning experience of students all over the country. We’re missing out on the proper and efficient learning experience that unfortunately is a result of this pandemic.

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