Student 2016-2017 Scheduling

All students grades through 9-11 will receive a scheduling packet in homeroom on April 18th they are due April 22 the very last day is April 25th. There was some typos on the scheduling packet for grades 10 & 11. Here are the following for 10th grade. Academic Biology 10 is worth 1.5 credits, VT Biology 10 is worth 1.0 credits, Forensics is worth .5 credits, and Chemistry is worth 1.0 credits. These are the 11th grade typos Academic American History II it’s worth 1.0 credit, VT American History II it’s worth .5 credits, AP American History I is worth 1.o credits, and AP American History II is worth 1.0 credits.

You can either fill out the scheduling form or go online and fill out the Course Request Sheet. Go to then go to Course selection sheet for the grade you are going to, you can also go to the course catalog for year up coming school year. You have to select a Math, English and a Science class. You do need to consult your current math teacher before selecting a class. You even need a Computer apps or health class if you haven’t completed them before they’re graduation requirements.  You also need to pick PE or AQ  for the year they’re graduation requirements you need some type of PE each year. If you plan to go to college most require you to take a language class, this is not a requirement for high school. You must have 8 credits total, unless you attend CTI then you’ll need 7.5 credits total.

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