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A few of our esteemed students went on a trip to California University to listen to a speaker talk about E- Colors. E- Colors aim to heighten self awareness and to clarify what type of personality you have. You must take a quiz to find out what your E-Colors are and the students who went on the trip took it and learned a little more about themselves.

Abby White, Brandon Hebda and I took the quiz. We didn’t know what to really expect, we got the paper and immediately got to work. As we were taking the quiz we found out that there are 4 main E-Colors; Red (Doer), Yellow (Socializer), Green (Thinker), and Blue (Relater). We also learned that there is a possible 12 different personality styles made up of 2 combinations of colors. The higher the points you got for each color the more prone you are to the actions that come with it. For example if you had 10 points green and 2 yellow, you would be a Socializing Thinker.

Abby finished and she received the title of a Relating Doer, Brandon is a Relating Socializer and I am a Thinking Relater. All of the personalities had pros and cons that we believed were very accurate. Reds are bossy but efficient, Yellows are friendly but scattered, and Blues are indecisive but kind. It was a lot of fun learning about ourselves and why we act the way we do. I highly recommend taking this quiz if you have some extra time, the link is below.

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