Student Life: Learning Virtually

This school year has proven to be a challenging and unforgettable year. However, the school has done a wonderful job at keeping everyone as safe as humanly possible. Our school left the option to students allowing them to stay online (remote learning) or go back to school in person. We asked a few of our students to compare their experiences with being in person and remote. We asked why they decided to remain virtual, if they liked being virtual rather than in person, and if remaining remote has affected their educational outcomes.

One student, Levi Bowers, stated that he remained virtual because he was able to remain comfortable and was able to keep a sense of normalcy instead of going in person with the new regulations. He then went on to say, ” Being virtual definitely has its challenges but most are simple problems that can be fixed within minutes, and with those problems occurring it did show in my grades that something had to change, but once I figured it out and maintained that routine, remaining virtual became easier to me than actually going to school in person.”

Another student, Arianna Key, commented, ” Staying virtual was more convenient for me and it was something that I easily adapted to. Being virtual has had its complications, but mostly it was me having to remove any distractions from my environment to help keep me focused.”

Another student, Alexandra Cardenas, answered by saying that she went in person for almost a month before switching back to remote, because she was more focused on the environment around her and the changes that were made to keep everyone safe. She went on to say, ” Virtual learning hasn’t affected me much. I learn well on my own and being able to work at my own pace has really helped me achieve more goals then I would have if I remained in person.”

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