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In high school, we all have a multitude of complaints. Some of those issues are more substantial then others. One problem that the majority of the student body shares is worthy of investigation: the student parking lot. Between the size and location of the lot to the other safety concerns involved something must be done. Especially because there are simple solutions to this big issue.

The first issue is that our student parking lot is on the opposite side of a main road from our high school. This makes it more difficult to access the school from cars, and requires students to cross a busy street every morning. While students should have common sense in crossing a road, mistakes can happen and cars can run red lights. If a student was to ever get injured crossing that road, the school district would be in serious trouble. And crossing the road is not the only peril that students face in the morning during their trek into the school. In the winter, it would be easier to ice skate in the student parking lot than it is to park. The simple neglect of the lot, that is technically school property, will result in a major headache for our administration unless something is done about it.

Also because of its distance from the school , it is harder for the school to monitor the lot, thus allowing students to misbehave. Students pull in to the lot at lighting speed, recklessly park (the lack of lines does not help that either), and vandalize each others cars, not to mention the ability for community members (and students) to steal items from the cars. The school gives an appearance of control by making the students fill out a form at the beginning of the year for a permit, but never checks to ensure permits are  showed. In addition, there are not clearly visible signs saying that you are parking at your own risk, and any wavier we have signed or small signs posted, are nowhere near a match for irate parents.

This is especially infuriating because there was a time that this was (and again could be) not an issue. In front of our school there is a large parking lot, clearly visible from most classrooms and the security office, with parking lines painted, and ways to control who comes in and out. And since this is the parking lot that the buses pull into, it is always cleared of snow and ice. The top of this parking lot is reserved for teachers, and the bottom is left empty. There was a time that students were allowed to park in the empty part of the lot, but it was then decided that students were being unsafe with the buses at the end of the day. To that issue, there is a very simple solution: block off the end of the lot with student cars until the buses have all pulled out. That way students could not pull out in front of them and it would be safer for all. This would mean that students had the option to park somewhere safer, and would empty the parking lot that is currently being used  so that it would be safer as well and the worry of hitting other cars, because it is too full, would be eliminated.

While this might seem like a minuscule issue in some ways, if students were allowed to park in the main lot it would save the school time and money, and increase the happiness of students.

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