Student Struggles

Students today face many challenges that adults may not even notice. Students face things like Anxiety, Depression, Peer Pressure, or Addiction. Every student has a different home life and goes through different struggles during their days as a student.

In the 2018, 70% of high school students in a survey had stated that school has been some type of underlying cause for their battle with anxiety. Anxiety is the worry, stress, or unease about a certain event or outcome. Anxiety also comes in different forms. There is Social Anxiety, which is the fear of people and social situations. There is Generalized Anxiety Disorder which is severe and ongoing anxiety that occurs all throughout the day. Students are expected to socialize, present reports or speeches, earn good grades, and many more things that could possibly cause a student to become anxious or develop an anxiety disorder. The signs of Anxiety can be: Loss of interest in things that once interested you, feeling tired or sick all time, chest pains, loss of sleep, or heavy breathing/hyperventilating.

About 20% of high school students experience depression. Depression can be a long period of sadness, which you can see a therapist or guidance counselor for to fix it, or it can be a mental illness that needs to fixed by medication. Students are expected to meet certain expectations and when they don’t make those expectations they may begin to feel like a failure. Students sometimes are also bullied by their peers which can cause them to think poorly of themselves. The signs of depression are excessive sleeping/extreme fatigue, loss or increase of appetite, thoughts to harm oneself, and frequent, consistent sadness or crying.

Students also struggle with Peer Pressure. Students are faced with choice of “fitting in” or “being cool.” Their peers might pressure them into smoking, drinking, vaping, or many other things. Peer Pressure causes some students, who fall into the pressure, to lose themselves and become someone they are not. If they do not fall into the pressure, they may be picked on or left out of the friend group. Peer Pressure is a hard thing for students to deal with because sometimes with the situation, they lose either way.

Addiction is another thing students face. Addiction can be a result from Peer Pressure. When a student decides to do something to fit in, they may end up becoming addicted to something that can cause a serious health risk. Addiction could also ruin relationships with their friends/family, cause their grades to slip, and darken a students bright future.

It is important to check on the people we care about. Look for signs or change in their behavior. It is important to be there and talk to the people we care about, it may save them from a dark path and help them know they are not struggling alone.

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