Summary of My Hero Academia Season 1

My HeroAcademia is about a world of people with quirks that take the hero, citizen, or the villain side. Quirks are powers that are unique to you. The story starts off when a young boy Named Izuku midoriya tries to save another boy who he looked up to Bakugou and is confronted by the number one hero, the symbol of peace, All Might.

Fast forwarding Izuku was walking home when once again he was confronted by All Might. All Might told Izuku that he to could become a hero even without a quirk but All Might choose Him to pass down his power to.

That’s when Izuku started training his body for this power so he could pass the entrance exam so he could get into UA High. When he was done training All Might told him it was time and gave him a piece of his hair and told him to eat it and that’s when The symbol of piece had a new face.

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