Summer Vacation

The school year is coming to a close and soon students will be at home possibly bored and with nothing to do, or at least they think. There is so much to do over the summer. You can do different activities like camping, swimming, or even summer sports. If you like the water, you might like boating or fishing too. Another thing to do that is very beneficial is getting a summer job which is a good way to save up money. So instead of just hanging out at your house being bored, I highly suggest you get out and do some fun activities with your friends.

Some fun activities that I do in the summer is camping, fishing, sports, and anything that deals with water on hot days. I love going camping with my family and friends. I also with fish creeks and streams for trout. I fish for bass in lakes and ponds too. In the summer, you can play basketball at parks, baseball for recreation leagues, or even conditioning for school sports. I personally play church softball and summer conditioning for Uniontown soccer. other fun things I do is swim with friends at pools or go to the lake and go boating with family. We ride on inter tubes and just swim around the docks. to me, it’s just relaxing to get out with friends and do things outdoors. Enjoy the weather!

Another good thing to do over the summer break, is to find a job. This will allow you to make money and keep you busy during the day. Which can also keep you out of trouble. But there are a lot of good jobs that students can do over summer break. You can work at public pools, camp grounds, ice-cream trailers, and family business’. all of these are good first jobs, good experience, and good ways to help teach students responsibility. This year I will be working with a family friend as a masonry. All these are good jobs for students, and there are even more out their. all you have to do is get out there and ask. Most places won’t turn back someone willing to work. So having a good attitude is your best way to success. So have a fun, safe, and successful summer!

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