Super Bowl 2018 – Eagles or Patriots?

As the Super Bowl is coming closer, (Sunday, Feb. 4th), you may find yourself asking which team you should root for due to the fact that your team is back home for the off season. While I may be rather biased towards the Steelers, here’s a couple reasons on why you should root for the Philadelphia Eagles. Unless, of course, you find it so incredibly necessary to cheer on the Patriots. First off, the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl. So it’s a bit of an underdog story here. If they were to take the trophy, it would be a great accomplishment. They’ve been putting in the work to make it this far, taking both wins and losses in stride. On top of that, they’ve always found themselves at the bottom, even losing their next franchise starting quarterback to a season ending injury. So it seems that they do deserve such a triumph. Additionally, a win for the Eagles would be an inspiration for everyone. It’s a victory that the NFL needs. If they were to go for the win, they could be the team that the rest strive to be like. And finally, who isn’t sick of the Patriots winning streak? It seems that not only are they arrogant, but that a few of their wins are shrouded in mystery and deflated balls. If they win this Bowl, they’d be tied up with Steelers for wins! We can’t have that, can we?

Now just to be fair, why not have a couple reasons to root for the Patriots instead? First of all, why would you cheer on Philly fans? While all sport’s fan bases have a few bad tempered people, it would seem that a majority of Philly’s fans’ reputations are rather nasty. Just look at the NFC Championship Game. One fan went as far as to punch a police officer while others pelted Vikings fans with food and empty cans. Another reason would be for the sake of history and legacy. It seems that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, and Bill Belicheck would appear to be one of the greatest coaches as well. So as hard as they’ve worked, they may deserve this win. And finally, whether or not the Eagles take the win on Sunday, Carson Wentz is the future lead quarterback for the Birds. But if the Eagles were to win with Nick Foles at the head, that may cause some issues for the team. There have been cases where backup QB’s have won the Super Bowl, but this might take away from Wentz. While he’s been out on his injury, Foles has led the team to victory. But Carson definitely deserving of the spotlight. So even if you’re an Eagles fan, you may want to consider the repercussions of them winning for the team.

So no matter who you’re gonna cheer for, just remember that it’s all about the entertainment. Hang in there, enjoy the game, and watch all those commercials.

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