Super Bowl 2019

The Super Bowl took place on February 3,2019 at Mercedes-Benz stadium Location in Atlanta, Georgia. The two teams that made it throw the play offs was the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Ram. The two teams have been to the Super Bowl several times. The Rams have won the Super Bowl one time and the Patriots have won five times in the previous years.

During the first quarter of the game the Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowshi missed a 46-yard field goal. But during the second quarter of the game he had his redemption and he was able to put points on the board making the Patriots the leader of the game. He made a field goal from the 42-year line. The Rams Kicker Greg Zuerlein also had his time to shine and was able to  tie up the game making it 3-3. Greg Zuerlein made the longest 50-plus field goal in the super bowl in 15 years, He made his field goal from the 53-yard line. towards the end of the game Tom Brady was able to pick out Ron Gronkowski out and make his famous long throwing throw which no one was covering Gronkowski  at the time making it were he was able to make a touch down during the fourth quarter and Gostkowshi was able to get the extra point making the score 10-3.

The final score was 10-3 with the Patriots winning it. 10-3  score was the lowest score in super bowl game that there has ever been. The Patriots with their win makes them the second team to receive six super bowl wins. They are now tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But  our staff asked the few of our students their thoughts on the game. Most of their responds were they weren’t impressed about what happened and they disappointed that the half time show wasn’t what they thought it was going to be.

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