Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 is this years Super Bowl. It is between the Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos. Both teams are really good and have a great shot at winning the game. The two teams both have powerhouse defenses and make it really hard to score, they both have good Offenses also who are led by great quarterbacks, Cam Newton & Peyton Manning who help there teams in great ways they are both amazing leaders who are needed by the teams.

This will be a great Super Bowl these are the two best teams in the league in my opinion. The Panthers at 15-1 and the Denver Broncos at 12-4 during the regular season both had great seasons. They both went through the season making it very hard to beat which is why I think the Super Bowl is going to a great match up this year… Both teams also have great leaders on their defenses, The Panthers have great linebacker named Luke Keuchly and the Broncos have a great linebacker named Von Miller. These two linebackers are considered by many as the best linebackers in the league.

The Super Bowl will be aired on CBS, Channel 2, February 07, 2016!

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