Swim Senior Rylee Levander

Tomahawk Talks Lindsey Battaglini caught up with swim senior Rylee Levander to talk about her swim experience. Here’s what she had to say:

TT: How long have you swam?
RL: 7 years

TT: What event or events do you partake in?
RL: 100 backstroke, 400 fr relay and the 200 medley relay

TT:  What is your favorite part of being a swimmer?
RL: Being in shape and being with the people

TT: What challenges you the most?
RL: Getting in shape and making  a time

TT: Have you ever gone to WPIALS?
RL: Yes, all 4 years

TT: Do you plan on swimming in college?
RL: No

TT: What life lessons has this sport taught you?
RL: You have to work hard to achieve

TT: Have you ever  had a serious injury from the sport?
RL: No

TT: What inspired you to swim?
RL: I wanted to do something to get in shape and do something a lot of people don’t do

TT: What has your coach said to you that impacted you the most?
RL: Get in the pool so you can get out faster


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