Talking to Myself – Katie Joy: The New Solo EP By a UHS Alumna

Tomahawk Talk recently got the chance to talk with 2014 UHS graduate Katie Nicholson. Katie attends Westminster College with a major in business and has recently been furthering a musical career under the stage name, “Katie Joy”.

maxresdefaultKatie started singing at a very young age and began learning to play the piano when she was 6. She picked up a few instruments after that and began to play the guitar at age 12. From there, she started writing songs and performing at talent shows, and eventually, as she got older, she was able to branch out and play at bars and such. In her senior year of highschool, her and three friends formed a band and she was able to meet a lot of local musicians during her time in the band with great connections to gigs and collaborations.

With the release of her first solo EP (an EP is just a short version of a full album), Katie stated, “I am working to build a ‘fan-base’ for myself and my music so people really know who I am. I’ve been working a lot harder at using social media to reach out to people. I do a lot of thinking, learning, and ‘studying’ when it comes to my music. I watch a lot of music videos and read a lot of articles about what the newest bands and solo artists are doing to see what really works.”
Katie is spending her winter break at home to decide what’s next now that people have heard the EP and says that she is very excited to see where 2016 takes her. You can check out her YouTube Channel here and her EP is available on iTunes for $3.99 here.

Check out the music video for her song, “Miserable”!


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