Teacher Doubles as Author

Jason Jack Miller never called himself a writer until very recently. The Fayette County native, who has been teaching Earth Science at the high school for quite some time now, has become the man with two careers. He has impressively published three books in his relatively short writing career. “Hellbender”, his first work, was his college thesis at Seton Hill University. Miller’s career continued to take off following publication of “The Devil and Preston Black” and its subsequent work, “The Revelations of Preston Black.” Miller sees Fayette County as an inspiration for his work. Following college, Miller took a job in Florida, working for what he calls a “very famous mouse.” Miller though missed the rolling hills and mountains that bombard the landscape in this region. He has returned to his native southwestern Pennsylvania, and he is taking his vast knowledge of science to good use. He teaches Freshman Earth Science, in addition to Advanced Earth Science for seniors. Anyone who has had a class by Mr. Miller can attest to the fact he is extremely passionate about the world around us and its many unanswered questions. Anyone who has read his published works can see he is quite the author as well.


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8 Comments on “Teacher Doubles as Author”

  1. Mr. Miller is an amazing writer and a genuinely nice person. I’m very proud to know him and work with him at UHS!

  2. Of course the librarian would prefer books in the original format… Your book was my first download! Congrats & Best Wishes on your continued success!

  3. Thank you so much, Mrs. Baker! Of course the books are available in trade paperback. If only they were appropriate for a high school library…

  4. Nice article. Glad to have had the opportunity to work with you in your classroom and continue to work with you at UHS.

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