Teacher Insider: Mrs. Vance

You spend a lot of time with your teachers throughout the school year, but we were curious to learn more than there teaching style and what subject they teach.  So here is an inside look at one of our teachers at Uniontown high school,  Mrs. Vance.

Mrs. Vance went to high school at Albert Gallatin where she participated in many school activities.  One of these activities was the ski club.  The ski club consisted of going to Seven Springs a few times during the winter months and learning how to ski.  One day at Seven Springs Mrs. Vance and her friends were learning and getting used to skiing and her friend Bubba, who was a very portly kid, came down a hill a little too fast and knocked her down the hill.

After High School,  Mrs. Vance attended Waynesburg College and graduated a degree in math.  She took a job as a secretary accountant for the NCTA in Washington D.C.  The NCTA is the principal trade association for the U.S. broadband and pay television industries, representing more than 90% of the U.S. cable market.  Since she worked at such a highly regarded cable company she had many opportunities to go to many events such as movie premieres.  At one particular premiere for “Accidental Tourist” she got to meet Willem Dafoe.

Nowadays,  Mrs. Vance is working at Uniontown Area High School as a math teacher.  She now lives on a farm and is always busy with her animals.  I’m sure that she is most busy with the chickens since she has 30 of them.  One of these chickens is named “Big Booty Betty” since she is the biggest of the flock.

So, there’s some information about Mrs. Vance that I bet you didn’t know.  Ask your teachers about there past, I’m sure you’ll learn some interesting things like I did.

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