Teachers to Participate in Lip Sync Battle

Teachers have been asked by student writers for Tomahawk Talk to participate in a Jimmy Fallon inspired Lip Sync Battle. Teachers will be performing two songs each and competing against each other in the most epic lip sync battle at UHS. Teachers include:

Mrs. Baker
Mr. Brown
Mr. Davis
Mr. Durso
Ms. Gall
Mr. Girod
Mrs. Howard
Mrs. Marzano
Mr. Miller
Mr. Pavlovich
Mr. Rabatin
Mr. Scott
Mrs. Sheranek

The Lip Sync Battle will be hosted by Jordan Coddington and Christina Hebda and filmed Friday January 8th,2016.

The video will be uploaded the following week for viewer enjoyment! Leave a comment in the comment section below to request songs for your favorite teacher and take guesses as to who you want to win!

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