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Aries-Just because you want something on Monday and Tuesday doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Work on taking no for an answer a little more gracefully. Someone or something makes you really curious on Wednesday and Thursday, and the more investigating you do, the more intrigued you get. Hard work pays off toward the end of the week, especially on Friday and Saturday. The answer comes to you from out of the blue on Sunday.

Taurus-You love all the attention that’s being paid to you on Monday and Tuesday. Enjoy it while it lasts, because on Wednesday and Thursday you become more introverted and even a bit selfish. That can repel people instead of attract them. You’re back to looking on the bright side by Friday and Saturday. You’re so busy with homework or household chores on Sunday that you don’t have time to be in a bad mood.

Gemini-Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters on Monday and Tuesday. Keep that in mind when making major decisions. You radiate a ton of self-confidence on Wednesday and Thursday, which makes you more popular than you’ve ever been. Be sure you include other people in the fun instead of making them feel inferior by excluding them. If you take the time to listen, an adult can have a positive influence on you on Friday and Saturday.

Cancer- You know what to say and when to say it on Monday and Tuesday, which gives you the chance to be a real comfort to a friend in need. Follow your dreams on Wednesday and Thursday, because they will lead you on an interesting, enlightening path. On Friday and Saturday your good mood is obvious to everyone you come in contact with. Money – specifically making more of it – should be your focus on Sunday.

Leo-You’re putting in the effort on Monday and Tuesday, but you might not be getting exactly the results you’re looking for. Put your head down and stick with it. Doing extra research on Wednesday and Thursday should help you get closer to reaching your goal. Your life isn’t as structured as you’d like it to be on Friday and Saturday, but you regain control of the details on Sunday.

Virgo-Connecting with new people is a possibility on Monday and Tuesday. Put new contacts in your phone right away so you don’t forget. You get a lot of happiness from feeling useful Wednesday and Thursday, so try to find a person to help or cause to support. Someone from your past may try to reach you on Friday and Saturday, but it’s up to you to let them back into your life or not.

Libra-Monday and Tuesday are good days to collect debts and ask for favors to be returned. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for what’s rightfully yours. Dealing with details on Wednesday and Thursday is a little trickier than usual, but the Moon gives you intuitive powers that you can put to good use when making decisions. Think carefully before you speak on Friday and Saturday, especially around authority figures. Follow the leader on Sunday, but only if they’re worth following.

Scorpio-If no one else volunteers to get the party started on Monday and Tuesday, take matters into your own hands. You get a rare do-over on Wednesday or Thursday, so try not to mess it up this time around. The Moon brings new things to your doorstep on Friday and Saturday, so why not say yes to the adventure? Responsibilities call on Sunday. Be sure you answer.

Sagittarius- A boring routine is made more exciting on Monday and Tuesday, possibly because someone new volunteers to help you out. You’re more sensitive on Wednesday and Thursday, and your friends may be surprised when you come to the defense of someone you’ve never even talked to before. Risks really don’t pay off at the end of the week, so stick with what you know. Travel is probable on Sunday.

Capricorn-Your double personality really shows on Monday and Tuesday, which might confuse someone close to you. Try not to say one thing and do another. The Moon makes you a little more willful than usual on Wednesday and Thursday, making these good days to go after – and get – exactly what you want. Asking for what you want in a nice way is beneficial on Friday and Saturday, but hard work is the only way to win on Sunday.

Aquarius-Plans not going as smoothly as you want on Monday and Tuesday? Blame the Moon. It makes you incredibly indecisive! Creativity comes from the depths on Wednesday and Thursday, making it easy to complete any project that involves your right brain. Take care of yourself on Friday and Saturday, especially if it feels like no one else is up to the task. Lower your expectations on Sunday. Someone just isn’t up to jumping through hoops for you.

Pisces-Don’t sit around while everyone else gets what they want on Monday and Tuesday. Jump into action and show the world what you can do. Someone may be plotting against you on Wednesday and Thursday. Ask around to see what you can find out. Your best friends have valuable information. A situation explodes around you on Friday and Saturday, which can be both exciting and a little scary. A positive outcome is still possible, though. Sunday’s mood is enthusiastic


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