The 2018 Snowball

Uniontown High school students had a night of delight on Friday, December 21st at the Hopwood Social Hall. All fun was to be held and the snow court was announced at the dance halfway through. Students enjoyed dinner consisting of chicken cordon bleu, rigatoni, dinner rolls, green beans, parsley potatoes,and cabbage rolls by Meyers Catering as well as music provided by DJ Shean Nice. George’s Studio took pictures that will appear in the yearbook as well.

Now to announce the 2018 Snow Court. Freshman representatives are Adena Rugola and Brandon Hebda. Sophomore representatives Sammy Rosenburger and Marcus Capen.  Junior representatives Kaitlyn Adams and Theron Chaido. Lastly Senior representatives Kaylena Harrell and Jayden Thomas.

Congratulations to everyone who won!

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