The 46th Annual National Road Festival

This outdoor event is on May 17th-19th, and its on National Road Heritage Corridor, 65 West Main Street, Suite 103 Uniontown, PA 15401. The “worlds largest festival” is happening along a 300 mile stretch of the historic national road in Pennsylvania (Route 40). It goes through Somerset, Fayette, and Washington County’s, the hole way. It is brought together by volunteers from every community along the historic place. The festival is not just in one place, it is takes place all over the 300 mile road with a lot of community’s doing a lot of things like arts, crafts, shows, music, food and more. On the 300 mile road you might see the wagon train pass by.

Route 40 is also know as the road of America, and it once traversed the entire United States stretching to 2,285.74 miles . The National Road was built in 1806 by an act of congress to serve as the first federally funded highway construction project, but then it was built under the new Route 40 in 1926 most notably are the National Road, and the Victory Highway. The National Road was the first major improved highways in the United States, it was built by the Federal government between 1811 to 1837, and was 620 miles long. The Victory Highway was built in 1921 for the victory of WWI that lasted from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918, the Victory Highway stretched from New York City to San Francisco, and was a memorial for the veterans. Route 40 crosses a total of 12 states that almost stretches the entire width of the United States.

During the Festival, there will be places near and along the road that will be celebrating the festival while the wagons are traveling on the road. During the festival there will be two wagon trains, one will be coming from the west, and the other is coming from the east on the Historic National Road. During the festival, people will be wearing period costumes for the historic event to celebrate it. There will also be music, food and games during the festivals on the National Road. When one of the wagon trains are coming, people will usually gather up to see the wagon trains pass by.

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