The 86th Annual May/Americanism Day Parade is Here!

The May Day Parade, as we call it, will be held on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 at 7:00 pm. The parade line-up begins at 6:15 pm. The goal, for the American Legion Post 51, is to have this year’s event become the biggest, and the best parade ever. We must help them achieve their goal. They would like to ask businesses, schools, organizations, churches, or small groups to come and participate.

Here’s a little history on the May/Americanism Parade provided by the American Legion Post 51:

During, and following the coal strike of 1933 in Western Pennsylvania, there was considerable radical activity in the Coal Towns in Fayette County. When a group of communists asked permission to have a parade on May Day (to coincide with Moscow’s annual May Day Parade), in April 1934 the Uniontown Police Department was faced with the probability of stirring up an incident that would cause trouble-whether it gave permission or refused it. If communists marched, considering the temper of the district, there might be a riot; if the request was denied, there would be controversy.

Five Legionaries of Lafayette Post 51, American Legion, Chief of Police A.W. Davis, Recruiting Sergeant James Smith, Matty Bain, Allen Parke, and Mason McLaughlin offered an alternative to our town, an Americanism Day with speeches, a parade, and it would include everybody. In 1937, the state representatives from Fayette County secured the passage of joint resolution in the legislature to set aside May 1st as Americanism Day throughout Pennsylvania by the Governor’s Proclamation.

They invite you to participate this special occasion and show off your town.

Parade entry forms will be available to their office located at 580 E. Main Street in Uniontown. If you have any questions you may call their office at (724)-438-8041 and speak with Kathy 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Floats, Motorized Units, Marching and Walking Units are all needed to help make this parade the highlight, and centerpiece of our community’s history! They are looking for Boy and Girl Scouts, Grange Members, Vintage Vehicles, Farm Equipment, Antique Firefighting Equipment and more!

Also available, is their annual ad book. Your organization, business, etc. can help place an ad along with your artwork in our ad book at as reasonable cost. There are various page sizes & pricing available. Many pay tribute to our book to loved ones who have passed away. Once again, you can contact their office for more information.

The cutoff date for both parade registrations and the ad book is Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

They look forward to seeing you.

The UHS Marching Band will be participating in this years parade. Please come to support, and cheer for our high school band, and for other high school bands, or bands in general, as they play in the May/Americanism Day Parade.

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