2019 Challenge Program

The Challenge Program’s mission is to connect Business and Education partnerships while motivating students to build good habits used to succeed in school and in future careers. The program carries out its message through in-school assemblies, ceremonies, and communications through businesses, educators, and students. During the school year, students are awarded in five different categories, Attendance, STEM, Community Service, Academic Improvement, and Academic Excellence.

Students awarded are given $200. Not towards college, but for themselves. A student can even be awarded for Student of the Year, winning more money and a trophy. The whole idea of the challenge program is to motivate students to better themselves and that they will be rewarded for it. Of course, some rewards are better than others, everyone would prefer cash over good grades at this age, but you are rewarded for your work.

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As of now, the Challenge Program, sponsored by COE Office Furniture Distributor, has reached out to over a half million students, and has awarded $4.5 million to students. This program is going to better schools, drive students to work harder, get involved in the community, and overall improve students working for that reward. To find more information about the Challenge Program click here.

The Challenge Program assembly was recently held at Uniontown High School. The winners of the junior class were Madelyn Myers for the attendance award, Bridget White won the STEM award, Anna George won the community service award, the academic improvement award went to Tyannah Eddings, and Karsyn Lucy won the academic excellence award. The senior class award winners were Logan Maust winning the attendance award, Luke Smearcheck won the STEM award, Andrew Schoener won the community service award, Ethan Joseph won the academic improvement award, and the academic excellence award went to Alayna Kopacka. Congratulations to the award winners.


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