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Almost 50 years is a lot since the graduation of Margaret Vesley/Layton. We decided to interview her for a change and learned a lot about the school in the process. She went on to tell us about how many changes have been made over the years and everything that Uniontown offered in her days here.

Margaret comes to the high school musical every year and always says how the school looks so different. She says, “we always came in through the front doors and we didn’t even have the whole bus patio.” She also said how there were so many people that she graduated with, almost 300 actually. She was surprised to hear that there’s only about half of that now.

While she didn’t play any sports, she did tell us about “Friday night dances” which were a weekly tradition. She told us, “We had a dance after every football game. Nothing formal, just something to do for fun with our friends.” It was cool to be able to picture our own high school, but completely different. We’re very thankful that we had the opportunity to learn so much.


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