The Currrent Education System is Failing Future Generations

Children are one third of the population and all of the future. Recent studies have shown that teenagers in our modern day society are more than likely looking to the internet for homework help instead of a textbook due to the simple fact that the information can be reached within seconds whereas a textbook takes some skimming here and there. Effortlessly getting the information right in the palm of your hands defeats the purpose of learning the material and receiving the knowledge of doing so.  The learning aspect in education is rapidly coming to an end and students are only focusing on getting the assignment done and not comprehending the material. Schools are not helping in this case, choosing to focus class time on standardized testing instead of lessons that will help mold student’s minds.  Advisors are put under pressure that if certain requirements are not made, drastic measures will be taken to meet those requirements. Repetitive lessons year to year are the effect of standardized testing.

Educators shove information down students’ throats to prepare for a test that defines their intelligence by asking critical questions and material students may have or haven’t learned prior to the test. Once the test results are revealed the moment of truth comes, is it a pass or a fail? Learning isn’t what it once was; it is not made to educate young minds, to cause them to think critically and crucially, it is not made to have adolescents ask the hard questions. Learning is, “How quickly can I memorize this in order to get a decent grade that will please my teacher just for me to never think twice about it again?” This is not learning, this is not knowledge, this is unacceptable on the behalf of the education system.  When you put a grade on how well kids are doing in class, despite what the justification there is for implementing grades, you turn kids into being achievement-focused, instead of content-focused. If a child doesn’t meet the requirements made by the school or state, there are consequences. When you give consequences to a child for failing at a concept, you encourage mediocrity and discourage the child from taken any intellectual risks in the future. The idea of tougher standards murders creativity. We confuse harder with better.  The implementation of harder standards kills students’ ability to take risks, and want to develop understandings of the topics they are studying. As students go through school, they associate learning with potential consequences, having to follow strict rules, and they either are the best, or they’re not good at all. When students associate this with learning, you discourage them from ever wanting to learn on their own in the future. When you give a child a failing grade because he/she didn’t do the assignment correctly, he/she then must conform to the teachers requests and create an assignment exactly like their peers, just with a different name at the top. The education system must face reality and realize that they are robbing students of their creativity and the ability to learn vs repetition in the name of success.


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