Art Feather Mural #WeLiftU

The Feather mural is an alternative to the traditional buy a brick that the Art club does each year.

Mrs. Gartley said, “Mr. Manges asked us to do it. He had seen a similar mural on the Southside in Pittsburgh.” When they researched it, they found that the artist does these murals all over the world. The saying “We Lift U” was inspired by the artist. “The artist, Kelsey Montague, who started the wing mural phenomenon uses the hashtag #whatliftsyou.” says Mrs. Gartley. They wanted to make ours a little different so they would not infringe on hers and to create a hashtag that is unique.

Students can purchase a feather and tell them what they would like them to write, such as an inspirational qoute or the name of a person who lifts, inspires, or otherwise makes you feel good. Then when the mural is finished it will be a photo destination for students, staff, and visitors to the school to share on social media with the hashtag #weliftU. The deadline is Friday, May 18th.

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