The Future of Golf

In this day in age, there are many unanswered questions when it comes to the game of golf. Such questions are what will the game of golf look like in 100 years? Or, is the popularity of golf dwindling? Because many factors go into the game of golf, it is hard to say that only one thing will be the determining factor to answer these questions.

Experts say that yes golf as a whole is slowly declining. This is primarily due to how the modern world is set up. One of the leading causes of why golf is on the decline is because it is one of, if not the most expensive games to play. Because golf courses were not getting the revenue they needed, they had to up their prices. Many parents could not afford memberships, and this lead to them not exposing their kids to the game of golf. In contrast, we are living in a generation where new technology is coming out every second of every day. Kids are less motivated to go out and practice the game of golf when they can easily play golf games on there phones. Because adults did not have cell phones or iPads growing up they spent their time mastering a sport like the game of golf.

On the other hand, people say that the reason why golf is declining is not due to the expense of golf, or the growing technology. It is simply due to the lack of golf coverage around the world. One of the leading causes of why golf is declining is because schools are not getting involved. In gym class, you are exposed to many sports such as basketball, and baseball ever since you were in kindergarten. Kids grew up thinking that playing those sports were a way of life. Once kids get into high school, the path to play high school golf is already harder than playing other sports. I say this because spots are limited, and most schools do not offer a junior varsity golf team. Not to mention, most high schools do not even offer a girls golf team.

Many factors go into what the game of golf will look like in 100 years. Based on what we know today, it looks like you can count on Asia to continue the game of golf. Because the game of golf is so new in Asia, golf courses are popping up everywhere you look. Many people are inspired to peruse the game of golf because they see it as a career opportunity to escape Asia and have a better way of life in the United States.

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